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We blend our #FarmingAfter50 passion for farm life with seasoned marketing and business smarts. From farm and gardening tips to inspiring agricultural tales and marketing resources, we’ve got your back. Farmer? Grower? Maker? Dreamer? Jump in and stay updated.

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At the heart of our farm lies a mission: to empower farmers, growers, makers, and dreamers. While our #FarmingAfter50 agricultural journey is freshly tilled with discoveries every day, our seasoned careers in business and marketing have prepared us to be a resource for our community. Our mission? To amplify your stories, provide essential and entertaining resources, and cultivate a tight-knit community where shared successes flourish. As we embrace the joys and challenges of our #FarmingAfter50 dream, we’re equally dedicated to nurturing yours, sowing confidence, and ensuring we grow stronger, side by side.  Now that’s BombDiggity!

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Farming After 50

Farm Life & Animals

Live Life Like a Goat When the Side Gate is Left Open

There’s something incredibly inspiring about our goats’ adventurous spirits. They approach this new field with a sense of wonder, gratitude, and excitement, reminding us of the joy of exploration. No fear, just pure, unfiltered curiosity and appreciation for the new opportunities before them.

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Garden Resources

Raised Beds & Lavender Success!

Setting yourself up for success is key to growing beautiful lavender. I have lavender tucked all over Sweet Bombdiggity Farms, but I always find it happiest in a raised bed.

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Farm Sunday

#FarmSunday Devotional: The Power of a Little

In John 6:1-15, we witness an extraordinary moment where Jesus stretches the faith of His followers. Thousands of people are following Him, unprepared and without sufficient food or water. Their need is enormous. Jesus presents a challenge that seems impossible: “Where can we buy bread to feed these people?”

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Farming After 50

Benefits of Mulching with Hay in Your Garden

Benefits of Mulching with Hay in Your Garden

If you’re looking for an effective and sowmtimes even free mulching option for your vegetable and flower gardens, consider using hay—especially the discard that lands on the hay room floor. Here are some benefits and tips for using hay as mulch:

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Let's start with "BombDiggity"

BombDiggity [bäm-dig-it-ee] (adj.) 1) Awesomeness in its purest form. 2) Incredible, beyond anything you could imagine. awesome, wonderful and way cool. 3) Complete awesomeness to its fullest extent.

Our farm name says it all and our WHY starts here — We want to build the sweetest of BombDiggity lives wrapped around 5 simple C’s.


Deepening dedication to faith, family, friends, fields, and farm animals


Cultivating success for others, inspiring change, crafting solutions.


Forging bonds that inspire, encourage and uplift each other on a shared journey.


Extending care and offering refuge and rescue that heals both body and spirit


Celebrating agriculture, animals, community and the adventures of "Farming After 50"