Sweet BombDiggity Farms

Meet The Farm

At Sweet BombDiggity Farms, we nurture top-quality breeds alongside our cherished rescues. Every heartbeat on our land is a testament to love, safety, and compassion. Come meet our adorable furry and feathered crew!

Ee-Aww! Ee-Aww!

Mini Donkeys

Prepare to be smitten by the adorable antics and personalities of the mini donkeys that call Sweet BombDiggity Farms home. We never knew that we were donkey people but they are a bit like potato chips..you can’t have just one! We’ve assembled a herd of pint-sized donkeys that will make you go “awww” in an instant. Smith, Wesson, Hank, Loretta, Reba, and Minnie Pearl are the legendary entertainers that make up our scruffy crew. These little bundles of joy have the power to turn even the grumpiest of frowns upside down. With their big, innocent eyes and irresistibly fluffy manes, they’ll steal your heart faster than you can say, “Ee-aww!”

Our registered and quality herd is young but we expect beautiful spotted and chocolate babies in the future!

Neigh, Neigh

Rescue Horses

Amelia and Rosie are the sassy mares that keep us all straight.  Rosie is an off the track thoroughbred and Amelia is a medicine hat paint.  They have been at the farm over a year now and have done a ton of healing.  Patience is the key and these girls have learned that they can bet on us to love and care for them. Their only role at the farm is to be a horse.  It’s so gratifying to just see them in the field horsing around.

Their only role at the farm is to be a horse.

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Baa-Baa, Baa-Baa


Prepare to be delighted by the mischievous charm and playful antics of our small registered herd of Nubian and Alpine goats.  We expect babies in the future in our herd but for now, these hoofed hooligans are the life of the farm. Caroline, Henry, Miles, Rosemary (and maybe others soon too) are not your average farm animals. They possess a unique blend of elegance and silliness that is simply irresistible. With their expressive eyes, adorable floppy ears, and boisterous personalities, they’ll have you smitten in no time.

Cluck, Cluck! Cluck, Cluck!


The chicken coop is newly minted at the farm in 2023 and the babies have grown from a day old to full fledged ladies so fast! 36 ladies and two roosters found their way to the farm this year and they are delivering a rainbow of farm fresh eggs that we sell and share.

We love our girls and their loud fellas too!

Grow, Grow, Grow!

We grow small batch produce and yummy heirloom varieties.  This summer we have blueberries, blackberries, and a large garden with a smorgesboard of veggies for eating, sharing, canning, and sale.

It is not unusual for us to offer seasonal small batch product such as jellies, candles, or lip balms. These are driven by the crops and allow for our creativity and innovation to shine!