Sweet BombDiggity Farms

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Meet the Farmers

Hey there, farm friends!

We’re Jules and Lane Morris, and we’re excited to introduce ourselves to you. Admittedly, we are new, passionate farmers who are learning and growing each day on our East Tennessee farm on Norris Lake but we have been working in our first professional careers for decades.

As we have delved into this farming journey, we have seen a real opportunity for our combined skills and knowledge to give back and help support and uplift other farm and agricultural-maker businesses. We believe in the power of creativity and collaboration where we all bring our skills and expertise to cultivate a thriving farming community. The future of agriculture needs all of us to step up and be heard!

Ask questions, share an idea, or just say hello!

Meet Jules

Jules brings over 25 years of award-winning marketing, branding, producing, and design experience. As a marketing professor at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, she’s currently pursuing a Ph.D. focused on creativity, marketing, and leadership. Jules was the caretaker of WBIR’s “straight from heart” brand and served as the Executive Producer of the Emmy award winning Heartland Series.  She has collaborated with brands such as, Samsung, Mitsubishi, and The NFL Super Bowl Weekend. Her passion for agriculture began in childhood, grew during her time with Clemson University Extension and 4-H, and thrives with Sweet BombDiggity Farms.

Her passions extend to farming and agriculture, brand strategy, media, storytelling, as well as digital and visual marketing.

Meet Lane

Lane’s extensive background in education, human resources, and human-centered leadership spans 30+ years. With a corporate start as an engineer, he holds a Ph.D. from The University of Tennessee. Currently the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Student Affairs, and Fisher Professor of Innovation at Haslam College of Business, Lane fosters learning for numerous students. His zeal for Human-Centered Leadership and Design drives him to motivate individuals for impactful accomplishments. This expertise aids our farm efforts and collaborations with fellow farmers and ag-based businesses, addressing agriculture’s challenges.