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Our goal is for farmers, growers, and maker businesses to flourish!


Determining Your Why Workbook

I created this workbook full of questions to help you determine your why, so you can connect with customers who share your values and build a loyal community around your farm or maker business.



Farm Sitter Information Sheet

Here’s a quick list of things every farmer needs to remember when going on vacation and briefing the farm sitter as well as a link to a free downloadable template so that you can make your own info sheet.


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Farming After 50

Farm Life & Animals

Live Life Like a Goat When the Side Gate is Left Open

There’s something incredibly inspiring about our goats’ adventurous spirits. They approach this new field with a sense of wonder, gratitude, and excitement, reminding us of the joy of exploration. No fear, just pure, unfiltered curiosity and appreciation for the new opportunities before them.

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Garden Resources

Raised Beds & Lavender Success!

Setting yourself up for success is key to growing beautiful lavender. I have lavender tucked all over Sweet Bombdiggity Farms, but I always find it happiest in a raised bed.

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